How to be Happy

Are you happy? Can you be happy without success? Can you be happy when you still haven’t reached that lifelong goal? Have you ever thought …

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Adventure, Fitness and Writing Your Own Story

We do this hard work in the gym to enable us to pursue adventure OUTSIDE the gym. On your deathbed, you might not care about …

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How to Get Motivated

Pro-level athletes are not more motivated than you are. Olympic athletes don’t just “want it more.” The best CrossFitters in your gym has the same …

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The Real Path to Success

Friends, this is what the path to success looks like. You’re going to make progress. Then you’re going to backtrack ALMOST to zero again. Then …

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Chase Goals, Not Rabbits

Here’s why you have a coach: There’s too much out there. You know you can’t do everything. A lot of it looks—or sounds—good. I’m talking …

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Why Real Gyms Don’t Look Like “Gyms”

I opened CrossFit Land Mine in 2016 on $15,000. My savings and a loan from my mother was all I had at that time, I …

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The Happy Coach

Now more than ever, the key to staying healthy is having a great coach. Your coach at CrossFit Land Mine knows this new way of …

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HELP—I Can’t Get Off the Toilet!

Why do aging adults end up in assisted-living facilities? It’s right there in the title: It comes down to not being able to get up …

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How I Learned to Lean Into Stress and Embrace Fear

The first post I ever published on any Land Mine site was called “It’s All About the Story.” My point—and one of the enduring goals …

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